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Senior Home – "Revera Donway Place"

Presently on Hold


We have been going into a seniors residence for quite a few years now. We go because God loves people and since we have God living in us we also love people. We look forward to spending time with the seniors in this home and they look forward to us arriving on Tuesdays at 11:00 am.

We talk with them and get to know them and when someone is missing we find out where they are and if anything has happened to them. We sing old hymns and then we always take a few minutes and talk to them about God and His Word. We always spend a few minutes praying for them, usually as a group, but occasionally one on one, as they request.

It's amazing to see that even though they come from many different backgrounds most of them seem to have a basic faith in God. Yet they often seem to need to be reminded of how much God loves them and that He is always there for them.

We are always in need of musicians for this ministry but it is always a joy to be able to spend time with these precious people.

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